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  • Our goal is simple: we are committed to producing the best eating apples in the world. To us that means premium quality fruit grown sustainably in a way that offers peace of mind to our retailers and their customers, and a sustainable living to our growers around the country.


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  • We call the Honeybear promise, TruEarth – a certification standard of best practices growing we developed in conjunction with the Integrated Pest Management Institute. Today, Honeybear growers are audited regularly and certified to TruEarth standards that guarantee stewardship of the land, minimal environmental impact, protection of natural habitats and a strong commitment to preserving the livelihoods of local apple growers across the United States. TruEarth certification includes:

    • Apples Free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
    • Comprehensive monitoring protocols to identify pests and prescribe specific treatment
    • Prohibition of high toxicity pesticides
    • Use of clean water by reducing soil erosion
    • Energy conservation
    • Water conservation in orchards and packing facilities
    • Ongoing recycling of all waste
    • Protection of biodiversity of local insects and wildlife
    Visit the TruEarth Website

Research & Development

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  • While we’re focused on producing the best eating apples in the world, at Honeybear we’re also growing the amazing new apple varieties of tomorrow. Our research and development team invests years in creating exciting new varieties [LINK TO PAZAZZ SITE][/LINK] to suit every consumer taste and provide varietal excellence year round to our retail partners across the country.

    Honeybear works closely with everyone from our growers in the fields to produce mangers and consumers to intimately understand the factors that make a new variety a stand out retail star and taste sensation for apple lovers everywhere. In 2015 we launched Pazazz, the winter apple that offers Wow Right Now.

Apple Excellence

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  • To achieve our goal of producing the best eating apples in the world, Honeybear selects the best growers and best locations in every one of our apple growing regions. We work with growers who often have been in their orchards for generations and propagate test trees to ascertain the unique climate, soil and other growing conditions to understand the growing potential for our apples. Once the true, optimum growing sites are pinpointed, our team works closely to monitor the development of each new variety, carefully examining the characteristics of the fruit and each variety’s ability to maintain premium quality and guaranteed consistency year upon year.