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  • Honeybear Brands is a leading developer, grower and supplier of some of the best eating apples in the world

    We started life as a small, Minnesota orchard in the 1970s and grew steadily and thoughtfully for 40 years. Honeybear still retains the hands-on approach and attention to detail of a local grower, but today is one of the country’s top authorities on varietal development and a supplier of premium apples to the country’s leading retailers in markets all across the United States.

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How We Work

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  • With orchards and grower partners throughout Minnesota, Washington, New York and the southern hemisphere, Honeybear grows and supplies premium, healthy fruit to a growing network of the best grocery and fresh produce retailers nationwide. We oversee and meticulously control everything in our product chain from the first buds on the trees to attentive growing, careful packing, on-time shipping and flawless customer service.

    The first Honeycrisp grower in the United States and the only grower to provide year round Honeycrisp to retailers and customers, Honeybear has a long history as the varietal development expert. We identify, nurture and bring the finest apple varieties to market for retail partners and apple lovers everywhere. Our growers are certified TruEarth – a standard created in conjunction with the Integrated Pest Management Institute that guarantees best practices growing for the land, customers and the quality of our fruit.


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  • Over the years, Honeybear has built long and trusted relationships with leading fresh produce retailers and growers across the United States. Today, we work closely with a network of market-leading retailers who value the ability to bring the best, premium apples and other tree fruit to their customers year round, and growers who have been doing that often for generations. Our retail partner programs feature market exclusivity and a full range of integrated support services. [BOB DO WE WANT TO MENTION A FEW RETAILERS HERE?, OR INCLUDE A LINK TO A MAP WITH APPLE ICONS?][/BOB]

    Whether we’re selling under our own brand and varietal names or providing own label produce, Honeybear guarantees our retail partners the best apples grown responsibly; flawless customer support and, for key varieties, ideas and marketing tools to help sell more.

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