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  • Four decades ago Doc Wescott started growing apples for fun on his Elgin, MN hobby orchard – and planted the seeds for what is now Wescott Orchards, Wescott Agri Products and Honeybear Brands, a national leader in varietal development.

    Wescott’s president is still Fred Wescott, one of Doc’s 13 children, who joined the family business right out of college in the seventies with some ideas for growing not just apples but a national business. For the past 40 years we’ve worked hard and today Wescott is both a long-trusted, local grower of the very best regional varieties up and down the Mississippi River Valley, as well as the center piece of the national and international group of growers under our sister company Honeybear Brands.

    Sure, we may have grown in many ways since our early days but our original orchard, store and packing facility is still right where we started in Elgin, MN. And although we pack, ship and sell apples all over the country, we’re still out in the orchards every day, hands on and obsessing over how to grow the best apples we can.


Our Mission

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  • That’s the same as it was when we started in the 1970s. Quite simply, we’re here to grow, pack and ship the finest apples and do it all with the utmost honesty and integrity.

    And we’re well on our way, we believe. Wescott (and Wescott Agri Products) is a full service developer, grower, packer and distributor of some of the finest eating apples in the United States today. We’ve worked hard to build a network of perfect partner orchards around the country and in the southern hemisphere, which allows us to produce and guarantee year round supply to our retailers nationwide.

Our Orchard

  • We’re located in Elgin, MN – home to an amazing micro-climate and some of the most fertile soils anywhere in Mississippi River Valley that together allow us to grow much sought-after regional and national apple varieties.

    While we don’t do hayrides and seasonal activities, we pride ourselves on being a dedicated local company and farm, as much a part of the community today as we were when we started. Our doors to our orchard store are always open. Drop by and say hello and pick up a bag of whatever is in season. We’d love to see you.

    Orchard Hours
    M – F 8:00-5:00
    Sat closed
    Sunday closed

    Phone Number

Contact Us

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  • Whether you’re interested in joining our growing team and working at one of our Orchards or becoming a valued retail partner, you can find out more about Wescott Orchards, Wescott Agri Products and our sister company Honeybear Brands here.